Urgency Unravels

John Anthony Gorman and  Peter John Wallace

John Anthony Gorman and Peter John Wallace

Philip Ridley’s Mercury Fur

By Michael Vargas

The production of Mercury Fur, currently running Off-Off at the Under St. Marks Theater, elicits a wonderfully stimulating blend of chaos and order.  This seemingly contradictory blend works to effectively confront the question of what it means to be civilized – and furthermore, what it means to be human.

The cast does a wonderful job of bringing Philip Ridley’s brilliant text to life. Each cast member does his or her part to highlight the insanity that defines Ridley’s world, making it a compelling experience.  All of the production’s actors are to be commended for their efforts, each conveying a sense of depth that so greatly distinguishes their characters so that the viewer truly comprehends them as individual and complete people.

To be noted are the efforts of Rafael Albarrán (Naz) and John Anthony Gorman (Darren), both of whom provide the joy, the sorrow, the delusion and the mental clarity that ensues for these characters as the plot progresses.

It is appreciable that this two-hour performance does not incorporate an intermission.  The play, as it is written, conveys a sense of urgency that must be met and driven at until all unravels at the resolution, when several conflicts that coexist within the complexity of the existing character dynamics come to a head.

Director Guillermo Logar, in his directorial debut, utilizes the space provided by Under St. Marks in such a way as to usefully emphasize the quick paced beats that push forward to the play’s climax.  The stage design is simple and the sound design tactfully incorporated; indeed, all of the production elements blend nicely, making Mercury Fury a must see.

The Savage Detectives Theatre Company and Just a Gentleman presents Philip Ridley’s Mercury Fur, directed by Guillermo Logar. With Peter John Wallace, John Anthony Gorman, Rafael Albarran, Franco Pedicini, Enrique Huili, Nic Westwood, Valentina Corbella and Joseph Huffman. Stage Manager: Charles Furst. Nov. 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th at 7:30pm Nov. 22nd and 23rd special Matinée at 2:00pm 2h. without intermission.

Limited number of tickets available: mercuryfurparty.eventbrite.com

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