The Great Happiness Space

A rule of thumb in hosting: if you sleep with the woman, they’ll never come back.

By Larry Bao

This is a piece of art.

The Great happiness Space is one of the greatest documentaries displaying human nature. Directed by Jake Clennell.You see human desires. You see human weakness. You see human’s need for connection. Truly a film with great depth.The Great Happiness Space takes place in Osaka, a major city in Japan. It’s one of those cities, where outsiders (the people who leave the countryside to take their chance on city life) come to hopefully fulfill their dreams. To come find jobs that’ll lead them to prosperity. They’re willing to place their bets on their sensibilities and skills in the testy concrete jungle. To strive for fortune. Everyone’s goal: to make it.

Because of these pressures, the business of bars, clubs, hosting, prostitution etc becomes prominent. The documentary follows Host Boys of a lucrative host club (where women pay to spend time with these men). These Men make a lot of money, money that these women work hard for. Some of these women work strictly to be able to pay to spend time with these men. Spending time with these men is so important that some women pick up prostitution to keep up with the bills. Many of these women have boyfriends. Some of these women just want to play. Many of these women go to other host clubs. Some of these women go to find a husband. And most of these women are Host Girls themselves…